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Billy has been working on a new invention in this episode. His latest invention is the Photachyon Tranceiver, a radio that can reviece signals from anywhere in the galaxy. After playing around with his new invention, he suddenly hears a strange message: "brrzzz ... giggg ... oment of great triumph ... frzzt ... ast the Milky Way will be ... huzzzzz ...

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The second part begins simply: Guybrush ponabral gold chew normally pirate clothes and went in search of some treasure, encrypted under the name of Big Whoop.
But fate had always been worse than ever: Guybrush puts some reason, on the island, where the local La Grande, Largo Gopnik takes all the gold.

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The game is fully met the expectations of fans of the first part and became a classic and an example of the genre. Compared with the Master of Orion I in the game much improved and developed everything from the interface and graphics to the fighting and the economy, but at the same time retaining all the advantages and atmospheric first part - a rare example of the golden mean.

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Super Mario Bros 3 : Mario Forever - Y semejanza de la epoca dorada de Nintendo, este juego reproduce fielmente el clasico Super Mario Bros. Mario Forever Aunque los graficos y el sonido no son identicos a los del objeto original, que estan tan cerca de la mayoria de los usuarios familiarizados con el juego no podra para diferenciar.



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Commander Keen fifth episode, The Armageddon Machine, is the second episode of the "Goodbye, Galaxy!" series.
This game, set sometime in the early 21st century, begins in a ravaged LA, which was overtaken by aliens while you were abducted during Duke Nukem II.
Orcs, exploring other dimensions, opening the portal, transporting them to the great kingdom great people - Azeroth, and, driven by a thirst for blood and power, start a war against the kingdom.
The game begins in 1930 (1950 in TTD), and ends in 2050. The player starts out by borrowing money to finance construction of transport facilities, and is charged interest until the loan is repaid.
Dr. Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog's archenemy, is the malicious mastermind of planet Mobius. His favorite hobby is teasing, taunting and tormenting the world and its people.
Mr. Nutz can run, jump, swim in some levels and collect items. The character can jump on most enemies, strike them with his tail, or throw nuts he has collected at them to defeat them.
Goofy finalmente encuentra un trabajo que le gusta en el Ludwig von Drake Museo de Historia y se convierte en un trabajador de gran portero.
fue uno de los juegos arcade m?s populares de la historia y es aqu? para el Sega Genesis.
"La situaci?n cr?tica. Usted es nuestro mejor piloto. Lanzamiento inmediato de un curso de interceptar a la ola m?s ataque.
es un juego de Plataformas 2D, desarrollado por la sonda Entertainment Limited y publicado por Sega, que fue lanzado en Europa en 1994
Princesa Toadstool esta en problemas una vez mas, y le toca a Mario y Luigi para salvarla de las garras del malvado Bowser. Solo que esta vez, tienen un poco de ayuda de un dinosaurio llamado Yoshi amigable, cuya larga lengua es un arma mortal.
Y el medio ambiente caprichosa del circo apoya la acci?n de cada paso del camino, con multitud de objetos diferentes y los obst?culos para interactuar con - hay aros a saltar a trav?s de puntos de bonificaci?n, trampolines para rebotar sobre y ca?ones para lanzar hasta Aero en el aire.
Based on the animated movie, Pinocchio for Sega Genesis has you help Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket explore nine levels.
Take control of the title character or her little raccoon friend, Meeko, in this adventure based the Disney animated film from 1995.
Barbie makes her way through various side-scrolling levels, avoiding obstacles...
a challenging arcade style game where the Pacman features extra thrill and excitement.
a side-scrolling action game in which you play adventurer Pitfall Harry Jr in search of his father Pitfall Harry.
This game is based on the hit Nickelodeon tv show of the same name.
En el t?mpano de hielo del polo fr?o glacial de la Tierra, una de las antiguas tablas de Naga'Rom se encuentra por los cient?ficos en una base militar y cient?fica se encuentra all?.
Dark Colony se establece en Marte en el futuro lejano. Los seres humanos han descubierto una nueva fuente de energ?
Fun gameplay, entertaining graphics, and plenty of prehistoric pandemonium.
Chuck fights of a variety of dinosaurs using his belly-buster attack and a jump kick.
Sonic 3-D Blast is a lot of fun once you get used to playing a 3-D Sonic game.
are more than just creepy-looking winged creatures that sit atop ancient churches.
Go through several levels of nonstop cartoon fun.
Bubsy is a cartoonish fellow for one amazingly popular game.
Side-scrolling beat 'em up in which four Marvel Comics licensed heroes.
you are a hero raised from the dead by the god Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena.
Side-scrolling beat 'em up in which four Marvel Comics licensed heroes.
you are a hero raised from the dead by the god Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena.
Throughout the game, you play through a number of levels before reaching the boss at the end.
The game is centered around a diabolical plot by the Kingpin.
Throughout the game, you play through a number of levels before reaching the boss at the end.
Play as the dinosaur expert Grant, or the dangerous man-eating Raptor!
Bart has to stay up late and write a paper for class tomorrow.
Bart vs. The Space Mutants is a platform game where you play the role of Bart Simpson.
X-Men return in this second installment of the ongoing war of mutants.
Zombies have invaded your neighborhood and are trying to eat your neighbors.
Punch, kick, and hit others with a weapon to push you closer to first place.
Race against others on motorcycles.
Good graphics, decent sound, intense gameplay. Original plot, appropriately dark atmosphere.
Everybodys favorite cyborg cop returns.
Old fashioned 2-D fighting goodness, with lots of blood and ripping your opponent to bits
Shao Kahn has taken over the Earth by creating a portal to unite him with the human
Save Floating Island!
Play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and defeat Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Take control of one of four unique characters and gun everything in sight!
Very fun game and it's a great addition to the Double Dragon family
Players race one of five large-tired hotrods through seven winding tracks
Sequel to Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands sees Bub and Bob
Twelve fighters from across the globe have come together to face one another
An evil wizard by the name of Shang Tsung held a tournament for the 7 best fighters
Earthworm Jim 2 was a lot like the first one.
This is basketball with extreme action! Play with a 2 on 2 games.
Action/fighting game in which you play Bruce Lee.
Based on the popular MTV cartoon.
T2: Judgment Day puts you in the role of The Terminator.
Vectorman, in his last adventure, defeated archenemy, Warhead!
This Prince of Darkness has taken away the Golden Axe and put an evil curse over all the warriors.
is pretty much based on the Michael Jackson movie.
Levels all have there own range of traps and hazards, such as spikes and flames.
Based on the hit movie of the same name.
Guide Bonkers and Fall-Apart Rabbit through crazy adventures.
Taking motorcycle racing where it's never been before.
Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hamton, Montana Max, Elmyra, Dizzy Devil.
The gameplay is somewhat different than your typical platformer.
The dinosaurs are back in this monstrous sequel to Jurassic Park.
The non-linear quest literally allows you to roam around the world
Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion - Rescue Minnie from the evil Mizrabel
On each level, Taz must beat the clock and collect his allotted number of kiwi birds.
The Wild West...full of the criminal element.
X-Men pits everyone's favorite team of superheroic mutants against the villainy of Magneto.
Sylvester and Tweety puts you in control of seven levels of cat and bird action.
You control Bubba, a long necked redneck, equipped with his weapon-like pal Stix.
Break out of the dungeon and save the woman you love in Prince of Persia.
A truly unique arcade game that takes the superhero concept and then cuts the cheese with it.
Clear the streets of the Washington with a fully-loaded Apache helicopter.
In Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot decide to open their own store.
It's a side scrolling platform game.
Sega's answer to Super Mario Bros, with flashier graphics
It's a side scrolling platform game.
You can build your own theme park from the ground up
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