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The Simpsons: Krusty's Super FunHouse Krusty's Super FunHouse - Some pesky rats have infested my lovely fun house up in the Springfield hills and I need your help to get rid of them! These rats are real dumb, they just walk around climbing over anything that isn't bigger than they are. If they reach a wall or barrier that is higher than them, they'll just turn around and go the other way... Use the blocks and items that you find lying around to move the rats around the level to those wacky traps where Bart, Homer and my faithful helpers Sideshow Mel and Corporal Punishment are ready to help us get rid of those rats! Good luck...! Well, that pretty much sums it up. You play as Krusty, run and jump around the different levels and figure out how to get the rats into the trap. Watch out for enemies, and make sure to get back to the entrance of each room before you get creamed yourself.



System Requirements:

  • Pentium 100 MHz, 32MB RAM, 10MB HDD
DirectX 7.0 or higher (DirectX enhances Windows with advanced multimedia capabilities. If you do not have DirectX installed on your system, you can download it from DirectX comes pre-installed with all copies of Windows 98 SE and later, so most likely it is already installed on your system).

Additional Info:

  • Cool graphics and characters!
  • Awesome graphics and eerie sound effects bring the game to life.


This game is completely free. You may play The Simpsons: Krusty's Super FunHouse it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game.

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