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Tiny Toon Adventures

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Tiny Toon Adventures Take Buster Bunny over land, below the ocean's surface, into futuristic environments, and beyond. It's one wacky search, as you'll have to make it through 33 crazy levels in order to find the riches and win the game. Journey to an enchanted forest, through caverns, and more in an effort to find a shipwreck rumored to be loaded with 14-carrot gold. You'll have to do some island hopping when Babs and company get kidnapped, so bring your wits and your scuba gear! Gogo Dodo is your guide through this epic quest, so you can count on plenty of tricks, traps, and hidden goodies. Make sure to watch out for potential enemies like Elmyra, Plucky Duck, Hamton, Montana Max, and more. This had better not be a wild goose chase!
Tiny Toons: Buster's Hidden Treasure is a side scrolling game in the reins of Mario but it has some innovations to it as well. For instance, you can get special golden stars, and when you collect 50 of them you can call on a friend to clear the screen for you (this friend ranges from Roadrunner to Dizzy Devil).

Tiny Toon Adventures has a lot of levels to it. There are a large amount, and the difficulty adds to this, making the game last you long. Each level has about 3 stages, and then you get to a boss. These bosses aren't very easy, which makes them fun. Levels past the first few also get longer and harder, which adds to depth. Some of the levels are real interesting, and you want to open each new one as you go along. This game always pulls you back to it for more.

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System Requirements:

  • Pentium 100 MHz, 32MB RAM, 10MB HDD
DirectX 7.0 or higher (DirectX enhances Windows with advanced multimedia capabilities. If you do not have DirectX installed on your system, you can download it from DirectX comes pre-installed with all copies of Windows 98 SE and later, so most likely it is already installed on your system).

Additional Info:

  • Classic characters
  • 33 levels
  • Hidden bonuses
  • Lots of enemies
  • One-player action


This game is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game.

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