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Water in Fire 2 Hundreds of airships with powerful arsenals on board, spinning around in the sky. So why not "Shoot them all to win!" Water is boiling, your armor is melting, power is below zero, but you must maintain your defense. Three different game modes such as: Help friendly airforce to destroy enemies; Protect naval base from extreme attack; Control the armed battleship through enemy waters and destroy hostile armed forces by the dozen. But be careful or your ship will go down. Stunning True Color graphics with lots of special effects: alpha-blended, fancy particles’ effects and full antialiasing, 192 levels, hundreds of enemies, lots of powerful weapons and a variety of cool bonuses are waiting for you in this arcade-style shooter!

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System Requirements:

  • - Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 and up/2000/XP
  • - At least 200 MHz processor
  • - DirectX 7 or later to be installed on your system
  • - Video Card 4Mb or more
  • - 20Mb of Hard Disk Drive space
  • - 64Mb of RAM recommended
  • - Compatible DirectX Sound Card
DirectX 7.0 or higher (DirectX enhances Windows with advanced multimedia capabilities. If you do not have DirectX installed on your system, you can download it from DirectX comes pre-installed with all copies of Windows 98 SE and later, so most likely it is already installed on your system).

Additional Info:

  • - 3 different game modes
  • - 4 difficulty levels
  • - 192 levels of high-speed arcade action
  • - True Color graphic with special effects
  • - Great music
  • - Hordes of enemy
  • - A lot of styles powerful weapon
  • - Unique bonuses!!!


Water in Fire 2 is distributed as Shareware. The fee for registered version is US $17.95. You can register your copy of Water in Fire 2 online with a major credit card through a secure server.

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